First cell height

for the coupling process of ES and CFD, a reasonable first cell height is important for determining the convective heat transfer coefficient between wall and air [1]. So the challenge is how to make the mesh in OpenFoam properly. I was told, it is related to a Term called Y+, so now I’m looking into it. Right now, I’m not truly cared about the meaning of this value, I just want to know how can I do it in the pre-processing.

after further reading, I think the “Layer addition” option of snappyHexMesh itself can take over this job [4].

[1] Z. Zhai, “Developing an integrated building design tool by coupling building energy simulation and computational fluid dynamics programs,” Thesis, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2003.

About buoyantPressure in OpenFoam

buoyantPressure Sets fixedGradient pressure based on the atmospheric pressure gradient