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Strange behavior of Type56 if NType as Output

Today I noticed that, in Type56 all outputs after NType 961 will not be saved into the B17 file, and the values are also incorrect. In the Type56 manual:

NTYPE 961 B4_QSOLAIR BAL 4: convective energy gain of zone due transmitted solar radiation through external windows which is transformed immediately into a con. heat flow to internal air [kJ/hr]

It is really strange. If I remove the NType 961 out of the outputs definition, the outputs list will work again.


Should I shift R to Python?

I always heard the discussions about R and Python along my learning of R. Today after I read the blog post of Tal Yarkoni : THE HOMOGENIZATION OF SCIENTIFIC COMPUTING, OR WHY PYTHON IS STEADILY EATING OTHER LANGUAGES’ LUNCH, I’m thinking, maybe I should shift to Python as soon as possible, so that I can using it for data analysis, web development, even windows application together.

How to create database programmatically in visual studio c#

I used to create the MDF database manually in Visual Studio, now I want to try create the database programmatically inside the program.

The first useful article I found was from microsoft, but without success. There were 2 issues here:

1. the server name – in the example, they use “server = localhost”, it should be changed to “server = .\\SQLEXPRESS”

2. “create file encountered operating system error 5(access is denied.)” – the possible solution may be this

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