Should I shift R to Python?

I always heard the discussions about R and Python along my learning of R. Today after I read the blog post of Tal Yarkoni : THE HOMOGENIZATION OF SCIENTIFIC COMPUTING, OR WHY PYTHON IS STEADILY EATING OTHER LANGUAGES’ LUNCH, I’m thinking, maybe I should shift to Python as soon as possible, so that I can using it for data analysis, web development, even windows application together.

How to create database programmatically in visual studio c#

I used to create the MDF database manually in Visual Studio, now I want to try create the database programmatically inside the program.

The first useful article I found was from microsoft, but without success. There were 2 issues here:

1. the server name – in the example, they use “server = localhost”, it should be changed to “server = .\\SQLEXPRESS”

2. “create file encountered operating system error 5(access is denied.)” – the possible solution may be this

more info:

GH_Structure & IGH_Goo

GH_Structure and IGH_Goo Interface are two terms that appear a lot while I try to develop a Grasshopper Component. I’m trying to understand them in C#.

Definations from Grasshopper SDK Help

GH_Structure<T> Class: Represents a data tree where each branch has a unique path

IGH_Goo Interface: Base interface for all Data inside Grasshopper. Every parameter must implement a type of Goo.